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About Me

Multimedia Artist & Creator!

I am passionate about all kinds of art and am a bit of a Jane-of-all-trades person. I like to do a little bit of everything so my art will reflect that.

Of course I don't always have time to make all the things I want lol and I'm always working on a bunch of projects!

But hey it keeps my life interesting lol

I like to dye my hair fun color combinations and rainbows. I also do a lot of fun makeup including clown makeup 🤡

All of the makeup can be found on my YouTube channel as well as in pictures between my various social media pages!

I draw, paint, sew, sculpt, crochet, make videos, take pictures, model, and basically any other creative activity I come across.

Outside of all my art adventures I have also worked in the event production industry for almost a decade now. I mainly do lighting now but I've had all theatre/event backstage jobs. I've done props, costumes, scenic painting, audio, and just general stagehand work.

You can see some of what I worked on in my portfolio at

I'm also bisexual and polyamorous, have ADHD and have struggled with my fair share of issues with life and mental health so I try to be as honest as possible about it and hope my art can reflect the light I always looked for when I was down and the joy of life that making art gives me. I hope you find something that speaks to you. 😊

Check out all of my social medias and other pages including YouTube, Instagram, & Redbubble at

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